Za Pizza Bistro is a fast casual pizza restaurant specializing in create your own artisan pizzas for one price. The Express bistro is a new take on their flagship restaurant that offers diners custom, fired pizza to-go.

How to order your Za:

Start by selecting your favourite type of crust (original, whole wheat or gluten-free). All of the dough is “made fresh in-house” with a 24-hour fermentation period featuring a thin crust. From here, you choose your sauce (7 different kinds), cheese (7 types, including a vegan cheese), and finally unlimited toppings (over 25 options, from dry cured pepperoni to fresh-cut veggies).

Custom + Fast + Fired:

After creating your own artisan pizza, it goes into a special high heat gas fired oven (fires up to 700 degrees) and cooks the pizza in under 5 mins.